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Tree & Stump Removal in East Brunswick, NJ

Since 1959, Herb Clark Tree Service has maintained an exceptional safety record with residential and commercial tree services. Based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we offer competitive prices on tree trimming and removal, as well as any type of stump removal or grinding services you need.
Tree Trunk - Tree Removal in East Brunswick, NJ

Complete Tree Removal

Get rid of inconvenient or potentially dangerous trees from your property with fast, professional tree removal assistance. Our company has a 60-foot bucket truck that allows us to remove all types of trees large and small. It is highly recommended you remove trees that are close to your house or pool, especially if they are dead or dying. We will take away the tree in pieces and make sure to clean up any leftover debris. The wood is then recycled into firewood or made into mulch, so nothing goes to waste.
Cutting a Tree - Tree Trimming in East Brunswick, NJ

Careful Tree Trimming

Allow us to trim your trees to enhance the appearance of your yard and reduce the amount of yard waste from falling branches and leaves. We typically do a lot of hand trimming instead of using machines, as it allows for more precise and well-placed cuts, which is healthier for the tree.
This is an excellent way to prevent your gutters from filling up and your roof from getting damaged. We can even prune and shape your tree for a more aesthetically pleasing look.
Tree Stump removal gear - Stump Removal in East Brunswick, NJ

Stump Grinding and Removal

Typically, it is recommended to grind a stump instead of pulling it out of the ground, because it is less expensive and not as hazardous if the stump is close to a building. This is done by grinding 6 inches below the ground and then carrying away all the waste. We can also use a backhoe to dig out the stump and haul it away if you wish to remove it completely.

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